A Calgary area school received a visit from an appreciative Maasai Warrior on Wednesday.

Kamishina Ole Nkuito made an appearance at Red Deer Lake School just south of the city.

 The Maasai Village leader was on hand to thank the students and staff who raised more than $20,000 to build two classrooms in a school in his Kenyan village.

In April, some of the school’s students and staff traveled to the Maasai Mara to see how the school has changed the lives of students there.

Kamishina says the partnership with Red Deer Lake School helps the Maasai children expand their view of the world

“They have that opportunity to learn that we are all equal,” says Ole Nkuito. “It’s only the things we have that are different. What you have here and what we have there.””I can see how it’s changed so many people’s lives,” says Red Deer Lake student Aisha Lillywhite. “Every one of us has changed one person’s life, and it’s really cool to think, you don’t even know them but you’ve changed their lives.”

Students at Red Deer Lake School are now raising money to build a kindergarten in the same part of Kenya.

” Wouldn’t it be great if we could raise money to build a school in Africa?” And so we did….join us on our incredible journey!


January 2014 update

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