General Guidelines for School Parking area

The staff at RDL ask that you please respect some general guidelines of the school when it comes to safety and security in the parking lot.  It is a very busy area before and after school. Parents and children are crossing in front of traffic at a variety of locations and we do not want anyone to get hurt.
(a) Please do not park in the area of the lot reserved for RDL and FSD38 Staff – this is marked “STAFF PARKING”. The parking lot area can be a very congested area and both school based and district personnel need a place to park.
(b) Please follow the directional arrow. There is a one-way entry upon entering the parking lot if you choose to drive to the pick up zone for your child(ren). Turn right and you can follow the loop to the school. PLEASE drive defensively – we have many children looking for their parents and crossing the lot. Please watch for these children and respect the rules of the parking lot.
(c) Handicap spots are marked for those who need them. These spots are to remain available for visitors/parents/staff who require them and we ask that you please do NOT park in handicap spots, even if they are empty.