School Council


School Council meets every second Tuesday of the month in the RDL Learning Commons @7pm.  All parents/guardians are welcome to attend. ​


School Council AGM

Tuesday October 8th, 2019

7:00 p.m.

Learning Commons, RDL School

Everyone is Welcome! 


Are you interested in running for a position on the School Council Executive? Would you like to help out by becoming a Director or joining a committee? Then this is a meeting you will not want to miss! 


Joining School Council is a great way to connect with the school, find out what is going on, meet new people, make friends, share ideas and make a difference! 


Please note: We have several new Initiatives/Events planned this year and we are looking for committee help! They are:

  • Playground - exploring the possibility of a second playground at RDL to meet the growing needs of our students.
  • Artist in Residence - Bringing in an expert to create art with our entire school population.
  • School Council Three Year Plan - Working with the school to determine our goals and areas of focus. 

If you are interested in joining a committee or running for any of the following Executive positions listed below, please let us know by contacting Stephanie Fitzgerald, School Council President at or 403-797-4363.

  • You will need someone to nominate you to run for an Executive position. 



President: Position currently held by Stephanie Fitzgerald

  • Acts as spokesperson and generally supervises the council.
  • Responsible for planning the agendas, calling and chairing meetings of the executive and general council.
  • Communication with divisional office, school administration and parent body.
  • Delegation of tasks needed to operate the council.
  • Serves as representative on Alberta School Councils’ and attends area meetings.

1st Vice-President: Position currently held by Natasha Hubbard 

  • Assist the President in day to day operation of the School Council.
  • Assume the role of the President in her/his absence.
  • Attend COSC or other related meetings as required. 
  • In conjunction with the 2nd Vice-President, communicate with all committee chairs.
  • Review council constitution annually in conjunction with the School Act & RDL Policy & Procedure Manual and make recommendations to council should amendments be required. 

2nd Vice-President: Position currently held by Steph McGill

  • Assist the President in day to day operations of the council.
  • Ensure all council positions are filled in conjunction with the 1st Vice President, communicate with all committee chairs.
  • RDL School Council Policy & Procedure Manual - ensure all required updates are made on an ongoing basis and in conjunction with the 1st Vice-President, School Act, and School Council Resource Manual.

Treasurer: Position currently held by Ivy Sims

  • Maintain all financial records.
  • Manage banking, deposits, payment of bills, reimbursement of expenses, etc.
  • Prepare financial statements monthly and for year end.
  • Coordinate year end audit as required for the Annual Society Return.
  • Present audited financial information at the Annual General Meeting.

Secretary: Position currently held by Danielle Camp

  • Record accurate minutes of all School Council meetings and proceedings.
  • Have charge of all correspondence and official records of the School Council. 
  • File Annual Returns with the assistance of the Treasurer.
  • Maintain accurate list of members and addresses of the School Council.


Anyone who attends meetings regularly and would like to vote on school council initiatives is a Director at Large. If you are interested in helping out with a specific director role, joining or heading up a committee, then please attend our AGM to find out more!! 


Role of Directors: 

  • Attend all council meetings.
  • Act as a liaison with the executive and the school population.
  • Represent the school interests.
  • Assist with special projects.
  • Take a leadership and/or participatory and/or liaison role in one or more of the following committees: Lunch support, Communications, Spirit Clothing, Volunteer Recruitment, Lunch Programs, Classroom Reps and other Special Interest Committees Example: Gala Committee.

Director of Communications 

  • School newsletter - reporting of council dates, events, issues regarding council, special interest or any other item related or required by council which requires to be communicated to the school community.
  • Publish council names and contact info on the school website and or council newsletter.
  • Maintain School Council Bulletin Board.
  • Post required notices in the public areas around the school.
  • Order portable sign board when needed.
  • Communicate information on RDL activities, sporting events, etc. to external media publications such as the Western Wheel.
  • Liaison with teachers, committee members and School council for reporting of activities and events.

Director: Volunteer Coordinator 

  • Assist with the organization of volunteers with office administrative staff, council and committee leaders.
  • Maintain accurate information of contact information of volunteers.
  • Develop volunteer sign up sheets and communicate with Internal Media Director should a volunteers requirement need to be published in the RDL newsletter.

Director: Nominations and Elections 

  • Handles the nomination and election process for Council particularly for the AGM.
  • All potential individuals will contact the Director.
  • Answers any related queries.
  • Reviews Councils nomination and election process and makes required recommendations that need to be changed.

Director of Fundraising

  • The liaison between parent council and the volunteers on the fundraising committee. 
  • In charge of recruiting volunteers for specific fundraisers.
  • Making sure the volunteers are directed and know what they are responsible for in each fundraiser.
  • Overseeing all fundraisers. 

Director: School Spirit

  • Committee leader of social, special interests, events for RDL Council.
  • Contact person should a group or individual outside of council wish to present a proposal for an event. Director will then present the proposal at the next scheduled council meeting.
  • RDL Clothing. 

Director: Casino Chairperson 

  • Attend monthly RDL Parent Council meetings.
  • Act as contact person for the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission (AGLC).
  • Schedule Casino days with chosen casino location. (Usually runs for 2 days in City of Calgary preferred location is Deerfoot Inn & Casino).
  • Organize casino positions, recruit and schedule volunteers to assist with casino jobs, maintain schedule of volunteers and ensure all roles are filled.
  • Work with Council President and Treasurer to ensure that there is accurate accounting of all finances relating to anything casino as a fundraiser.
  • Time commitment is relatively minimal until RDL Council is assigned a casino and date. Bulk of time is in recruiting volunteers to fulfill casino commitments on the 2 days of the assigned casino. (Database of past volunteers is maintained and provided when needed to assist with this).
  • Work with council President, Treasurer and School principal to make requests for new casino dates, filling out use of funds forms, and special use of funds forms.


  • Farm to School
  • Healthy Red Deer Lake Committee
  • Hot Lunch Committee
  • Landscaping Committee 
  • Magazine orders
  • Movie Night Fundraiser
  • Nutrition Committee

Past President 

Advise the President and other executive members as required.




The Principal's role on School Council is:

  • To promote a collaborative, collegial approach to decision making.
  • To establish a school council.
  • To be a member of school council.
  • To promote the activities and mandate of the council.
  • To assist the council in its operation.
  • To promote the collaborative model of decision making.

The Teacher’s role on School Council is: 

  • To serve as a member of the school council to represent the teaching staff.
  • To provide assistance and ideas for the teacher representatives on the school council.
  • To support the actions and decisions of the school council.
  • To ensure a teacher voice is expressed in all decisions which affect teaching and learning.
  • To promote a collaborative, collegial model of decision making at the school for the school council.
  • To encourage parents and the community to become involved in school activities.
  • To communicate information back to fellow teachers.

The community representative on the school council will play a strong role in bringing the community perspective into the school. He or she will assist the school in building partnerships with community members and help build lines of cooperation to enhance student learning.