School Start School Supplies

School Start supplies RDL students with school supplies for the 2020 - 2021 school year.  Please see the attached order forms, lists and information letter:


School Start Parent Letter- https://reddeerlake.fsd38.ab.ca//documents/general/School Start 2020-2021.pdf

Jr.High School Start Supplies Form/List - https://reddeerlake.fsd38.ab.ca//documents/general/Supply List Jr.High.pdf

Grade 6 School Start Supplies Form/List - https://reddeerlake.fsd38.ab.ca//documents/general/Supply List G6.pdf

Grade 5 School Start Supplies Form/List - https://reddeerlake.fsd38.ab.ca//documents/general/Supply List G5.pdf

Grade 4 School Start Supplies Form/List - https://reddeerlake.fsd38.ab.ca//documents/general/Supply List G4.pdf

Grades 1 to 3 School Supplies -https://reddeerlake.fsd38.ab.ca//documents/general/Grade 1 to 3 School Supplies_1.pdf

Grade 1 School Supplies:  https://reddeerlake.fsd38.ab.ca//documents/general/Supply List G1.pdf