Keep Moving

Hi Dragons

First of all, we want to say how much we miss you.  Our school is empty without the laughter and the learning.  We hope all the little Dragons and Big Dragons are taking care of themselves and each other, staying busy, having fun, and staying safe.

As part of our efforts to keep learning going Mr Wooldridge has created a Phys Ed Classroom in google.  We are asking that one member (or more) from each family signs in to be a student.  He will be creating activities every week that Dragons and their families can participate in, each at their own level.  

These activities will be in three different components.  Daily Breaks designed to get everyone moving every hour, Daily Activities designed to give families something active to do for up to an hour, and Family Weekly Challenges designed so that families can share their activities with each other.

Feel free to take these activities and make them work for your family and situation.  Please share into the classroom your successes and the fun your family has had getting moving.  Notes, paragraphs, pictures, and video will be fun to share with the entire school.  The Family Weekly Challenges will be compiled and shared out, after all we are in this together, even if we do it apart.

We know that getting moving will help everyone.  You will feel better, sleep better, have more energy, worry less, and if you can share your activities you will feel a part of a community.  Making these (or any) activity part of a daily routine will help all of us feel a little more normal. 

As we move forward Mr W will share links to workouts, links to drills for sports, documents to help families learn skills.  The whole purpose of modern Phys Ed Class is to get all of us to Do It Daily.  Let’s do just that.

How to join a google classroom:

  • Open your google account with your students’ Gmail and in the buttons on the upper right you will find classroom (or https://classroom.google.com/)
  • Once in classroom on the upper right there is a + sign.  Click it
  • Click join class
  • Enter the class code- for the PE its 637jjty
  • You see the main (stream) page, this will give general instructions and overview
  • The Class work link on top will give you the class assignments

Good Luck everyone, stay safe, stay active and make the most of this situation

Mr W

Red Deer Lake School