More information about the Red Deer Lake Building Hope Society can be found @ http://www.buildinghopesociety.com/

Thank you to everyone that contributes to Building Hopes Fundraising!  Our Lollipop sales have helped build a new kitchen, bring in new desks, and purchase a new gas cooker:





Our volunteers had the opportunity to travel to Bomet county to stay with our head teacher, Marion! Kelsey describes Marion's village as a fairy-tale land whereas Cam claims that the village feels like The Shire from Lord of the Rings.

Before the end of the first term, our grade fives travelled to Narok - the nearest town - for a field trip! First, they stopped at the fire station, where the firemen and firewoman convinced all of them to become firefighters; they learned about safety procedures, the uniform, the truck, and the hose! Next, they visited the department of economics and listened to a chat about loans and microfinancing, which, although informative, did not encompass the same cool factor as the firefighters as none of the students were convinced to become businesspeople. After, they stopped by parliament for a detailed discussion on what happens behind the scenes during debates!

We would like to thank all who have generously donated to our dormitory!