School Council Casino Fundraiser


RDL’s Casino Fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1st.   

Casinos are RDL’s biggest fundraisers (raising a substantial amount of money in a very short time) and provide the necessary funds for many important projects and initiatives that support student learning. 

It’s amazing actually! In two short days, just by providing volunteers to work the casino, our school can earn anywhere from $50,000 to $80,000! And if that fact alone isn’t enough incentive to make you want to raise your hand up to volunteer, consider this: Volunteering at a Casino is pretty easy and fun too! :) 

Please follow link to sign up:  https://www.volunteersignup.org/DF3YJ,  or contact Natasha Hubbard if you have any questions:  ficzycz@shaw.ca .  Must be 18 years or older.  Get some friends together and make a night out of it.                            

Our Casino is held at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino in South East Calgary. The two days that our casino runs is broken up into time slots so volunteering means signing up for a single shift. A shift can be anywhere from 5-9 hours long. Some people sign up in pairs or even groups so that they can car pool and volunteer together. In addition, every volunteer is provided with a free meal during their shift and the word on the street is that the casino food is delicious! 

Volunteer positions range from General Manager and Banker, to Cashiers, Chip Runners, Count Room Staff & a Count Room Supervisor. If you are interested in learning more about any of these positions, please see below. A Casino Volunteer Sign up Genius will be coming out shortly after the Easter Break. We hope you will consider lending a hand!  

Funds from our last Casino went towards: 

Technology: New chromebooks, cloud books and workstations as well as software updates, amounting to a total of $36,350.  (Visualize two whole carts full of new computers!) 

Sound System upgrades for $600.   

Literacy: Over $4,000 spent on new library books for classrooms, take-home reading and more! 

Math manipulatives: $350.

Equipment: $3,000 on a book binding machine for the library

The remaining funds from that casino (about $35,000) are going towards the new screen & sound system for the Gym! 

Just imagine how we will be able to support the learning of RDL students with funds from our upcoming Casino!!

Casino Volunteer Positions

General Manager/Alternate General Manager

  • Responsible for total operation of casino including gaming floor, security, cashier’s cage and count room.
  • Ensures a sufficient number of volunteers for each day.
  • Must be present in the Casino at all times during table game operations.
  • Ensures signed cheques are available to pay expenses on the beginning of the first day.
  • Controls drop box keys.
  • Substitutes in volunteer positions on their breaks and in unavoidable staffing emergencies. (General Manager/Alternate is not expected to fill staff positions under normal circumstances.)
  • Should review Casino Terms and Conditions booklet before casino.


  • Controls Cashier’s cage floats of chips and cash.
  • Assisted by the Cash Cage Advisor.
  • Busy only during opening, volunteer shift changes and closing of casino.
  • Keeps track of all cash/chip transfers on Casino Track.
  • Mathematical skills helpful.


  • Cashes in chips for players and makes change.
  • Cashier has own float - does not share cash/chip float with anybody.
  • This position is quite challenging, and requires concentration and accuracy.
  • This position not recommended for colour blind volunteers.
  • Good manual dexterity is helpful.


  • Courier (runner) for chip orders (requests) from casino games.
  • Volunteer must be prepared to move around.
  • Position is usually busy at opening and closing of casino.
  • Volunteer must be able to carry up to five pounds (2 kilograms) of chips.


  • Works with Count room Advisor in recording cash counts and game wins and losses.
  • Administrative skills useful, good math (number) skills are very helpful.
  • Not required to handle cash.


  • Sorts, amalgamates, counts and verifies all cash from table game drop boxes.
  • Cash handling skills are an asset.
  • Volunteers should be good working with their hands.